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How you transition from a juice fast to solid food again is important. To avoid the possibility of a roadside pie landing in a freshly cleansed and rested gut, we send Whole Truth Retreat participants home with takeaways! Convenience, good digestion, excellent nutrition and high vibrations all in one delicious package.

In the box, on the last day of a recent retreat:

- Raw courgette and butternut noodles with basil pesto and probiotic cashew cream cheese - Alfalfa sprouts - Avocado - Activated almonds and dried figs - Crispy Thai spiced sweet peppers

- Organic leaves, microgreens, edible flowers and cherry tomatoes

Coming out of a juice fast, it can be hard to to transition into every-day eating with the mindfulness and moderation that is required. At the Whole Truth Retreat we provide a detailed 4 day plan for reintroducing a full range of food, but finding yourself suddenly ravenous with only a petrol station to forage in should be guarded against at all costs! The convenience foods that you'll find lining the aisles there are most often made with highly refined and processed ingredients, chosen to extend shelf life, maximise profit, and appeal to our cravings rather than sustain life. More likely to be made in a lab than a kitchen, these foods also regularly contain chemical sweeteners, flavourings, colours and preservatives, that really should not be considered food at all.

If you want 'real food' while you're out and about, during that delicate transition time you're far better off bringing your own. So, squirrel away a snack pack of nuts and dried fruit in your car, pack a smoothie, or make yourself a box of delights to take on the road and you're good to go :)

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