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THE WHOLE TRUTH RETREAT: June 2022 to September 2022
4- 21 nights in Tulum, Mexico for individuals, couples or groups



Individual Attention
Personalised Programme
Custom Dates
Custom Duration



June 2022 to September 2022

Book a holistic health retreat from 4 to 21 nights long, in Tulum, Mexico and immerse yourself in ancient culture, awe-inspiring nature and the warm Caribbean Sea.


Programmes are offered for individuals, couples and groups, and can be created around your specific needs and preferences, always supporting you in awakening to the magnificence of your true nature.

On a private retreat, you will receive personal attention and support, and meals/ juices, herbal treatments, teachings and practice will be tailored specifically to you, to support your highest growth and healing.

Select custom dates to fit in with your schedule, and embark on an incredible journey back to yourself.


This retreat is an excellent choice for you if:

- You are in a life transition, or are aware of the need for change and are seeking space, insight and clarity.

- You would like support in establishing healthy habits, a plant based diet, or a steady spiritual practice, for wellbeing, balance and deep resilience.

- You are dealing with persistent health challenges and want to energise and activate your body's powerful healing mechanisms, naturally.

- You need to deeply rest and reconnect with yourself, practicing self love and self care.

- You wish to connect with your innate creativity and wisdom and find the bravery and confidence to share this with the world 

- You are ready to free yourself from limiting beliefs, held trauma, and judgement of self and others. 

- You are drawn to investigate and experience your true nature and invite more joy, freedom and flow into your life.



During your retreat you will have the opportunity to:


  • Uncover your body’s vibrant state of being through a programme of physical cleansing and natural nutrition

  • Enliven your everyday experience with simple tools to support optimum nourishment, breathing, movement and healing, forming a strong foundation for holistic wellbeing

  • Honour creative expression, inherent and vital to our human experience

  • Make contact with your natural confidence, wisdom and compassion through meditative practice and true presence

  • Experience the transformative power of ceremony, intention and gratitude

  • Realign with the deep intelligence of your own life force, the natural world, and universal consciousness


Included in the cost of this retreat:


  • Private en-suite accommodation in Tulum

  • Exceptional nourishment- your choice of an organic Juice Cleanse, Raw Food or healthy plant based meals.

  • Spring water and herbal teas

  • Daily Yoga sessions- suitable for all levels of experience

  • Daily Meditation instruction and practice

  • A daily two hour session with Tasha, incorporating health talks, practical workshops or other holistic modalities.

  • Daily guidance for self practice


Optional Extras:


  • Colonic Cleanse programme, offered in conjunction with the Juice Cleanse, and highly recommended if a physical healing is a priority, or you have existing health challenges.

  • Plant Medicine Journey/Vision Quest

  • Extended Nature Immersion

  • Guided Day Tour to Cenotes, Mayan Ruins or Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

  • Alternative health therapies: choose from massage/ bodywork/ reflexology/ bio-energy balance/ reiki/ organic facial/ therapeutic yoga

  • Shuttle service to the retreat venue from Cancun International Airport


The Whole Truth Retreat specialises in spiritual retreats to support and guide you through times of transformation, healing and awakening. Our unique programme of physical cleansing, herbal treatments, meditation & yoga, creative process, nature immersion, and the exploration of expanded states of consciousness forms a strong container in which awareness can grow.


To enquire about availability for your selected dates, please email Tasha at 



Upon booking, the specifics of your retreat will be planned via a Skype call according to your personal needs, interests, preferences, and Tasha's recommendations. Each day incorporates either a morning or afternoon session with Tasha, engaged in one of the following:

  • Yogic teachings (yoga philosophy / energetic anatomy)

  • Yogic practice (breathwork / cleansing practices / pranic practices)

  • Meditation instruction and practice (traditional Buddhist meditation and mindfulness)

  • Conscious breathing (using the breath to access visionary states of consciousness for healing and transformation)

  • Making ceremony (empowering intention, awareness, and release of outworn ways of being)

  • Yoga Nidra (deep guided relaxation)

  • Nature immersion (cleansing or meditative practices in wild nature: mountains, beaches, waterfall pools)

  • Land art (creating in nature with found natural materials)

  • Intuitive art (process art to access the sub-conscious and super-conscious)

  • Intuitive movement / free dance (spontaneous expression and embodiment)

  • Natural health talk (guidance on natural living, natural eating, and natural medicine)

  • Herbal medicine (individual guidance on appropriate treatment and herbal medicine making)

  • Vibrational medicine (individual guidance on appropriate treatment and vibrational medicine making)

  • Bio energy treatment (supporting free flow in pranic pathways and energy centers for healing, insight, and release)

  • Bio energy practices (learning techniques for self-care to release, regulate, and energize pranic flow)

  • Plant medicine and micro-dosing talk (information and guidance around working with teacher plants)

The other morning or afternoon session will be devoted to self study. You will be given practices to complete alone; allowing for valuable time in silence and solitude, fostering awareness and intimacy with yourself. This encourages self support and confidence; building the resources needed to carry healthy attitudes and practices home with you on departure.


Self-study practices include:

  • Guided journaling

  • Contemplation

  • Silent meditation

  • Walking meditation

  • Grounding in nature / sun bathing

  • Yogic practice (breathwork / cleansing practices / pranic practices)

  • Gratitude practice

  • Ceremony and intention

  • Karma yoga (selfless service)

Sample Schedule (Juice Cleanse):

07:00 Rise and have a cleansing drink

07:30 Yoga

09:30 Juice and supplements

10:00 - 12:00 Morning session with Tasha / self study

12:30 Juice and Supplements

13:00 - 15:00 Afternoon session with Tasha / self study

15:30 Juice and supplements

16:00 - 18:00 Therapies

18:30 Broth

19:00 Meditation

19:30 Free Time/ Retire




Pictured here is one of our Mexico retreat venues, set away from the bustle of central Tulum, in jungle surrounds, while only 15 minutes from the idyllic white sand beaches.

The area is unique, known for its hundreds of cenotes (underground aquifers- see picture above) and Mayan ruins.

The Whole Truth Retreat's chosen venues for this season in Mexico offer accommodation that ranges from the simple and rustic individual cabins pictured here, to private rooms in a luxury villa but are always beautiful, natural and serene and worthy of selection as our retreat space.


Depending on the availability for your chosen dates you will be accommodated at this, or another carefully selected venue of equal or better standard. All of our chosen accommodation offers private ensuite facilties and the use of a swimming pool and gardens. 



The fruit, vegetables, and herbs used as the main part of all our delicious menu options are sourced locally and wherever possible are organically grown. 

Accompanying the juice cleanse, powerful natural detoxifying and nutritional supplements are provided, as well as an optional additional supplementation programme tailored to your specific needs.

The quality, freshness, and life force in the produce used makes a vast difference to the depth and power of the cleansing / healing processes. Feeding yourself cleanly, lightly and naturally allows you to experience your body in a state of wellness that you may never have felt before.


A warm and wholesome welcome with these Whole Truth Retreat raw food snacks- buckwheat onion bread, seed crackers, raw vegan cream cheese, spiced cashews, and organic strawberries. Hello!

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Our last meal at the Whole Truth Retreat- the kitchen alchemy gave us gold!

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Lisa Rae Tarr- our inspired, passionate and utterly dedicated raw food chef and juice master. If that wasn't enough already, she's also an expert on nutrition & natural health.

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This morning's haul from the market- getting set for a week long Juice Cleanse with beautiful, locally and organically grown veggies for juicing and broth.

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Butternut, carrot and ginger juice with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Tastes like a golden, happy harvest 🌻🌻🌻

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Our first rawfood supper at the Whole Truth Retreat: tomato & pea chia curry with cauliflower rice, carrot-orange sambal, mango chutney, minted cucumber cashew yoghurt and spiced onion flatbread.

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Our eighteenth! and last juice this week- beetroot, carrot, lemon, ginger, with a sea green spirulina chaser, made totally palatable with a tiny piece of blended banana.

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Raw food Lasagne coming out of the Whole Truth Retreat kitchen at Bodhi Khaya - a whole lotta uncooking going on!

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A superboost of antioxidants + Vitamin C in a glass of Carrot, Orange Pomegranate Juice, with Lemon, Ginger and Cayenne chaser for building internal heat.

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Wild harvested Aloe ferox and freshly juiced wheatgrass for internal healing and deep cellular cleansing.

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First food after a day Vision Questing- organic figs, guavas, pineapple, pomegranate & five kinds of handmade raw chocolate!

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How you transition from a juice fast to solid food again is important. To avoid the possibility of a roadside pie landing in a freshly cleansed and rested gut, we send our retreatants home with takeaways! Convenience, good digestion, excellent nutrition and high vibrations all in one delicious package :)

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