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8 week programme, online resources, 2 live calls 


We're at a critical time in our collective evolution. As we experience unprecedented change taking place in our world, many are in great fear and confusion and plenty in avoidance or numbness. But, many of us have been in preparation for these times of transition for a long while, whether consciously or not, and we find ourselves holding steady, tending to ourselves and others, dropping ever deeper into connection, trust, truth and love. This is the medicine we carry, and it's needed now, more than ever. Responding to this need, I have created Medicine Carriers Training- a programme that can be participated in wherever you are- as long as you have an internet connection.


Medicine Carriers Training is essentially Shamanic Training- medicine people from all over the world have always been the ones to hold a viewpoint vaster, deeper and higher than the consensus 3rd and 4th dimensional ones- walking between worlds, beyond time and space, privy to the underlying and overarching patterns that life flows in accordance with. This inclusive and connected way of seeing and knowing is of priceless value in these times when the human ego, under the illusion of separation, and driven by fear and desire, has led us ever deeper into disease, depression, devastation, disharmony. We are at a turning point- our collective awakening is close at hand, and those who can, are now being asked to step fully into our wholeness, freedom, power, and perfection so that we may assist others in doing the same. 


The Medicine Carrier holds a door open for natural goodness, pointing the way back to our true nature, in which our higher capacities of compassion, connectedness, and deep wisdom are activated for the benefit of all beings. The Medicine Carrier's gifts are for the whole. They are offered to support the healing of individuals, communities, the land, the animals, our planet, the cosmos... and at whichever level we make our offerings, we are working for Oneness. 



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Unlike most shamanic training, this one does not come from a specific culture, although it does draw from many. My own training as a medicine person was in the Zulu Sangoma tradition, and I am also a practitioner/teacher of yoga, meditation, tantra, breathwork, plant medicine, herbalism, fasting, intuitive movement, and intuitive art.


All of these practices and teachings are made available to you here, and unlike more prescriptive paths, you are fully encouraged to incorporate your existing practices and interests as the ground for your training.

Nature will be your other (most wonderful!) teacher, as will the stuff of your everyday life- your relationships, your career, your inner world of emotions and dreams: and, from the viewpoint that you will occupy more and more consistently during this training, all of this is the stuff of spirit :)

This training is not for your intellectual mind. It is support for your sacred unfoldment. None of the capacities that already lie sleeping in you can be taught or given. What is offered here is attunement to spirit, through experiential practice and direct transmission. This path is non linear, does not necessarily have measurable outcomes, and may even be uncomfortable or triggering. Stepping into spiritual commitment, we are absolutely required to meet with and integrate our shadow parts, and you will be supported in that, both through the challenges and gifts that life serves up to you, and within this training.


Medicine Carriers Training is focused on your spiritual development, for your personal benefit, for the benefit of those you serve and for the benefit of all beings. Many of the powerful practices that form the basis of this process are also simple enough for you to pass on to your clients, friends and family, without the need for extensive training other than that which your own dedicated practice provides.





This online foundation program will hold you for an 8 week period in presence, practice and communion with spirit. It is suggested that you complete the course over 8 consecutive weeks but should you require it, this course can be self paced.


You will have the opportunity to:


- refine your spiritual clarity and power

- expand your tool kit of offerings

- practice and grow higher perception  

- find depth and authenticity in your spiritual work

- develop your capacity to hold space for others

- create magic, freedom and flow in your life

- integrate spiritual being with all other aspects of self

- incorporate the ancient technologies of ceremony for healing and transformation


This is training is suitable for you if:


- you already have a strong or growing spiritual connection/ awareness/ practice

- you are already working with or serving others in a therapeutic capacity or wish to do so

- you have special gifts of perception, healing or magic that you may have put aside and now wish to honour and explore

- you are looking for support and guidance on your spiritual path

- you are ready to make a deep commitment to yourself and to spirit


Six Strands of Self Practice


For the duration of this 8 week programme you will commit to daily practice in 6 areas: Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, Presence/Mindfulness, Nature and Nourishment. Specific practices for each strand will be given weekly, and should be incorporated at least 3 times in that week, but your existing practices, new ones that you are drawn to explore and those that you wish to repeat from previous weeks training may be included too.  


These strands weave together, cross over each other and, I hope, will thread right through the fabric of your life. As such, you may devote as little as 30 minutes to your daily practice, or as much as all of your waking hours and your dream life too :)


Resources offered Weekly:

Satsang/ Talk-  (+/- 60 mins, video)

Guided practice-  meditation, movement, cleansing, breathwork etc. (+/- 60mins, video/audio/pdf)

Contemplation/ Writing/ Creative exercise (30mins, pdf)

Access to Whats App group for questions and communications

Resources offered Monthly:

1 x 60 minute Live Group Check In Session with Tasha. A total of 2 live calls are included in this programme, one will be utilised at the start of your training, and the second at a time determined by you. Should you choose to do this training in a self-paced manner, the second call will be available to you for 6 months from your start date. 



Overview of 8 week programme:


basic practice - shamanic traditions - barriers & allies to training



grounding in here and now -  wholeness - belonging


honouring our ancestors - re-patterning of trauma - emotional self



intent - actualization - offering/receiving - reciprocity


community - connectivity - non verbal communication


understanding and working with energetic frequencies and flow



holding the view - alternate realities - refining higher sensing - intro to plant medicine



emptiness - surrender - the unknown


Ongoing Training


After the initial 8 week foundation training, we will spend the following weeks integrating and working together via individual session work in person or on Zoom. As with traditional shamanic training there is no fixed end to this process; it is individual to you. It's duration and the speed and nature of its unfolding is determined mutually, by you and I, life and Spirit. If you wish to end training before formal completion there are no barriers to this.



The exchange is 6000ZAR (residents of South Africa only)/ 600USD for this 8 week programme. You will receive individual guidance, instruction and support throughout our time together via the included live calls and Whats App Group, but additional session work or ceremony required will be charged at my usual rates.


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