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Tasha is a certified yoga instructor, alternative health practitioner and intuitive art facilitator. She has spent a lifetime dedicated to natural living and holistic health, and over a decade helping people back to their natural state of balance through private and group retreats and online coaching.

Her work is centred around fasting and detox, a powerful way restore the body to its innate harmony and intelligence, and create the space and awareness for radical mental and spiritual transformation. Alongside this, her offerings include countless beautiful ways of turning up to the present moment and truly experiencing yourself, as you are- outside your roles, responsibilities and the expectations of self and others. 

The practices of yoga and meditation, growing and making natural foods, spontaneous movement, intuitive art, connecting with nature, vision questing and plant medicine work have been strong allies in her own awakening, and create a continuing framework for living in freedom and flow. On retreat, engaging with these forms is an opportunity to contact your own innate creativity, wisdom and wholeness, and release that which is not you - held trauma, limiting beliefs, societal conditioning, self-judgement-  building confidence and trust in simply being. In working with Tasha, you commit to being present with your own experience, whatever that may be, as this is your greatest teacher and healer. 


Tasha's work is a source of wonder, joy and delight to herself and others. She is honoured to support you in your journey back to yourself with gentle, intuitive guidance, and the warmth and welcome of unconditional acceptance. She facilitates the Whole Truth Retreat's Private and Group Retreats.

Serene, non-intrusive, and genuinely practical, compassionate guidance.


You created a very safe and accepting space. You reminded us that we were supported on a journey that we were choosing to take and were responsible for.

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