The Whole Truth Retreat Juice Cleanse programme is a valuable support for the other processes offered on this retreat, and for your general health and wellbeing.


  • RESTS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM- Juice is easily digested and assimilated. When less energy is devoted to digestion it is made available for healing and renewal.

  • REPAIRS THE GUT- Toxin-free, nutrient-dense food helps to repair the gut, balance intestinal microflora and restore full function.

  • SUPPORTS THE LIVER- Provides a break from rich foods and alcohol, and the chemical and environmental pollution that overloads our livers.

  • FREEDOM FROM ADDICTIVE AND EMOTIONAL EATING- A supportive environment in which to release old patterns around eating, and form new, healthy habits.

  • ELIMINATES HARMFUL FOODS AND ALLERGENS- Gluten, preservatives, food additives and even certain fruits or vegetables may cause unpleasant reactions in your body, but often the cause goes undetected. Simple, clean food for an extended period and the awareness developed durigives our bodes a chance to reset, so that when harmful foods come into the body they can be recognised and eliminated.

  • INTENSIVE NOURISHMENT- Raw food and juice retains vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes that are often compromised by cooking or processing. Everything that you ingest during this week will be of the highest nutritional value.

  • NATURAL WEIGHT MAINTENENCE- Weight loss is a natural outcome of a juice cleanse. During the course of the retreat, you will learn to introduce healthy practices into your lifestyle to support sustainable weight loss, if required, and maintain a balanced body mass.

  • INCREASED ENERGY- Though your energy levels may dip in the first few days, easy assimilation and the flood of nutrients and life force to your cells unlocks energy, giving your body a sustainable boost.

  • CLEAR MINOR COMPLAINTS AND BEGIN TO HEAL MAJOR ONES- Often we live with minor complaints without questioning them- sore/ stiff muscles, headaches, brain fog, sinus congestion, skin rashes, bloating and gas. These symptoms often disappearentirely during a juice cleanse. More troublesome issues can begin to be dealt with. 

  • RESTORES ACID/ALKALINE BALANCE- Major illnesses such as cancer all reveal a state of inflammation, which is a symptom of acidity in the body. Juicing and cleansing drinks restore balance.

  • SPIRITUAL CONNECTION AND CLARITY- Fasting has been used throughout the ages to bring people into a state of clarity, simplicity and grace which attunes our connection to spirit.



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