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An important aspect of the Whole Truth Retreat's offering is support for the physical detoxification process, in which our Juice Cleanse, based on Dr Charles Gerson's programme for radical healing, forms an essential part.


A pre-cleanse programme will be sent to you in advance of your retreat. Implemented properly, over 1-2 weeks, this offers a gentle transition to live foods, reducing the detox symptoms that may be experienced during the course of the retreat and enabling a deeper cleanse.


During a juice cleanse, which may also incorporate one or more days of water or dry fasting, you will be served and organic fruit and vegetable juices three times daily, with added supplements for intestinal cleansing, healing and nutrition. Herbal teas and tonics are given to support the cleansing process. In the evening, vegetable broth warms, soothes and remineralises the body.

Often, those new to juice fasting are concerned that they will feel weak or hungry, but this is rarely the case. Organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables in freshly made, cold pressed juices provide a flood of easily assimilated, high quality nutrients that are surprisingly satiating.


Depending on diet and lifestyle prior to the retreat, you may experience headaches, nausea or tiredness as your body begins to release. It is also common to find that the fasting process is energising- you may experience vibrancy, lightness and clarity, and require far less sleep.

On the final day of the retreat we break the fast with fruit. A delicious takeaway raw food meal will be provided to take away with you, as well as a plan for the reintroduction of other foods, assisting you in identifying and eliminating foods to which your body is reactive.

During your cleanse, you will have the opportunity to gather the tools needed to support the continuing inclusion of healthy practices in your life. Tasha, your facilitator, has a wealth of information to share with you (about juicing, smoothie-making, medicinal and healing foods, raw food preparation, sprouting/microgreen growing, and much more) to inspire and uplift your daily eating habits once you return home. 



PRE - RETREAT: Pre Cleanse at home (1-2 weeks)

DAY 1: Pre Arrival- Fruit only/ Post Arrival- Juice Cleanse 

DAY 2: Juice Cleanse and Colonics

DAY 3: Juice Cleanse and Colonics

DAY 4:  Juice Cleanse/ Water Fast with Colonics, or Dry Fast

DAY 5: Juice Cleanse and Colonics

DAY 6: Juice Cleanse and Colonics

DAY 7: Break fast with fruit/ Depart with Take away Raw Food Lunch

POST- RETREAT: Reintroducing Foods Plan at home (3 days)

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