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Embarking on a retreat, we may be seeking solitude, silence; some respite from the ravenous requirements of society and our own need to feed them. This space of contemplative seclusion is well supported and freely available to our retreat participants, but sitting alongside the alone time, community and connections of surprising depth and beauty can be forged.

In the container consciously created by the retreat space - one of support, safety, honouring and allowing - we can show up for each other with authenticity and meet each other with our hearts. Extraordinary connections, whether fleeting friendship or lifelong love, are formed.

While on retreat, released from the social convention and conditioning that so often determine how we interact with others, we have the opportunity to create the kind of community that we would like to be part of. If we dream of occupying a world that supports compassion, freedom and joy, we can begin to fashion it from our own vulnerability, acceptance and openness. By mutual agreement, in the kindness of our shared space we can be free from the fear of ridicule or the feeling that our soft parts will be stamped on.

The retreat space is a training ground in which we may speak our truth aloud, discard our limiting inhibitions, and openly create, explore and dream without fear of judgement or failure. Through shared intimacy, we understand that others are equally uncertain, equally afraid. And, when others offer us a glimpse of the bravery and vastness of heart that is the bedrock of all of their troubles and triumphs, we can stand firmly upon that ground in ourselves too.

When we move in our communities and our world with the knowledge that our personal intentions and participation are integral to them, there can be an astonishing upliftment of the whole. What kind of community do you want to be part of and how are you contributing to its creation today? Join us for our next retreat: Sacred Being- 09-15 Oct 2017 at Bodhi Khaya, Western Cape, S. Africa

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