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Villa des Basses Lones, Le Thoronet, South of France

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22nd-29th Sept 2019



At this moment in the evolution of humanity, the structures that we've built our world on seem less dependable than ever. We are witnessing global upheaval, and feeling it just as acutely in our personal lives. Feelings of helplessness, isolation, and exhaustion are an urgent call to a new way of being. Through loving attention to to our internal happiness and health, we can make a profound and enduring contribution to the whole.


At our 8 day retreat, we reawaken wonder and reverence for life in all its forms, including our own, and an intrinsic intelligence and interconnectedness stands revealed. ​In sacred being, the results of our mindful daily actions reverberate, creating harmony in our selves, our lives and our world.




Over 8 days you will have the opportunity to:


  • Uncover your body’s vibrant state of being through our programme of physical cleansing and natural nutrition

  • Gather tools for supporting the innate balance and harmony of Sacred Being in your everyday life, through the simple power of optimal nourishment, breathing, movement and awareness

  • Make contact with your natural confidence, wisdom and compassion through meditative practice and true presence

  • Experience the transformative power of ceremony, intention and gratitude

  • Realign with the deep intelligence of your own life force, the natural world, and universal consciousness


Included in the cost of this retreat:


  • 7 nights accommodation at Villa de Basses Lones 

  • 3 days of exquisite organic raw food meals

  • 5 day organic fruit and vegetable juice cleanse

  • Herbal medicinal treatments, supplements and herbal teas

  • Daily Yoga sessions- suitable for all levels of experience

  • Meditation instruction and daily group practice

  • Daily guided processes- intuitive art, nature walks, free dance, sound journeys

  • Welcome pack, including certified organic personal care products, journal and stationery.

  • Information guide to support your continuing wellness and the maintenance of a healthy, balanced and whole lifestyle


Optional Extras:


  • Alternative health therapies: choose from massage/ bodywork/ reflexology/ bio-energy balance/ reiki/ organic facial/ therapeutic yoga

  • 5 day self administered Colonic Cleanse programme

  • Optional Vision Quest


The Whole Truth Retreat specialises in 7 - 10 day retreats that offer you the opportunity to experience the deep restfulness, simplicity and joy that may be found in the present moment, a space which we occupy far too seldom in our everyday lives. Our programme of physical cleansing, daily meditation & yoga, creative process, nature immersion, and the exploration of expanded states of consciousness forms a strong container in which awareness can grow. 



To reserve your place on this retreat, please email Tasha at 



Find out more about our venue, Villa des Basses Lones, a tranquil retreat amongst the vineyards of the South of France.

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This retreat has a raw food menu on the first and last days to ease you into and out of the 5 day organic juice cleanse. Raw food meals and juices are thoughtfully and lovingly created by Tasha, in consultation with nutrition expert, Lisa Rae Tarr and will astound you with their unbelievably delicious tastes and variety, and inspire you to a new way of feeding yourself and your family.

We use locally sourced, organically grown fruit and vegetables, as we've found that high quality, fresh produce offers you the deepest and most complete cleanse, and restores your body to a state of balance and satisfied nourishment.


We grow our own wheatgrass and microgreens, vibrant with life force and phytonutrients for only-just-harvested plant power. Preferring supplements from natural sources, we wild harvest local herbs and brew our own alkalising apple cider vinegar tonic.

Feeding yourself cleanly, lightly and naturally for a full 8 days allows you to experience your body in a state of wellness that you may never have felt before.


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