• Tasha Saha


This morning's haul from the market: getting set for a week long juice cleanse with beautiful, organic, heirloom veggies that you just can't get at the shops: celeriac, parsnips and leeks for the evening broth and super-powered golden beetroots, kale and carrots for juicing.

Buying local is truly lovely, for so many important reasons:

> KNOWING THE GROWERS- I get a good helping of goodwill and good vibes along with my veggies and get to thank the people who nourish and sustain me, in person.

> FRESHLY HARVESTED PRODUCE- With vitamins and other phytonutrients still intact and glowing with life force, it's far more nutritious and delicious.

> TINY CARBON FOOTPRINT- Instead of travelling miles to market, it came from just up the road :)

> LESS FOOD WASTE- we don't mind bumps and blemishes at a local market; food grown for supermarkets has to meet stringent aesthetic standards meaning that huge amounts are discarded

> NO SUPERFLUOUS PACKAGING- Tied with string and carried away in a cardboard box or a bring-along bag, its lighter on the landfills.

> UNTREATED- Supermarket veggies are often waxed, polished, irradiated or doused in preservatives. The less chemicals we have with our dinner, the better.

> ORGANICALLY GROWN- our small scale growers may not be certified organic, but many adhere to the same principles. Organic veggies have much higher levels of nutrients and measureably more life-force.

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